COMIT is a thought, a symbol that reflects our commitment to transparency and transactional fairness to all stakeholders who engage COMIT.

There is always a story behind every idea. Our story started when our individual thoughts became common needs.

We are in constant search for products that are safe, environment friendly & from sustainable resources. Our idea is, to share our personal experiences on Products & Services in Health/Wellness sector. Our focus will be on Ayurvedic Products & Treatment centres.

We have created an online platform, Products we have experienced and trust will be promoted and available for sale. These are from individuals who are driven by the knowledge and passion to preserve the integrity of traditional products. They are research based and have  successfully transformed traditional knowledge to modern needs but  lack the skill and resources to scale up and enable more users to enjoy the benefits.

The same principle applies to Ayurvedic Treatment centres too. Lesser known, publicity shy but who nevertheless ensure high efficacy and integrity of the process will be identified through an in-house due diligence procedure and listed.